Duowin Didactic is headquartered in Braunschweig, connecting Berlin-Brandenburg’s economic and cultural core area and Stuttgart’s Hidden Champions enterprise gathering area, and is committed to provide education quality facing the world and focusing on the future.  Although we still are a young corporation, our team collectively has decades of extensive experience in the field of international educational exchanges, particularly in the field of vocational training in China. With the strong demand from Chinese customers, we are one of the leading providers of reform and innovation services in the field of Chinese-German vocational education. We serve our customers with qualitative teacher training courses, both in terms of methodology and didactics, as well as with advice on the development of high-quality and practical teaching aids and learning concepts.


Digitization is permeating vocational training. Teaching and learning are increasingly taking place in a new framework–with new methods, technology, content.. What do teachers and trainers need for this? That is what moves us.

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With us, you will work out all the topics related to vocational training that are important to you in relation to your work focus. We accompany you step by step on the way to set goals, to get to know the professional field and to achieve your goals. With many practical tips and exercises, we work together to achieve your desired goal. 

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The key to success in technical training lies in the interlinking of theory and practice. Particularly in China, we offer our partner schools and vocational colleges individual training courses in various specialist areas. The training courses are conducted by experienced German lecturers in companies or in training facilities in China or Germany.

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